Miles for Meso is a Mesothelioma Awareness Day race and fun run/walk dedicated to building awareness and funding research.

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Stories of Courage

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Stories of Courage

The Miles for Meso St. Louis race in University City has been fueled by the commitment of Julie Gundlach, a St. Louis resident currently living with mesothelioma. Julie was diagnosed at age 35. Her daughter was three. With her husband Dan at her side, Julie has been fighting against this cancer ever since - fighting for her health, fighting for a ban of asbestos, fighting for the research that could lead to better treatment options and, one day, a cure.

Julie Gundlach addresses the crowd at the first-ever Miles for Meso run/walk on September 26, 2009. John Simmons stands behind.

“I feel that educating as many people about asbestos exposure is my job now,” Julie said in a recent interview. “I refuse to go quietly into the night. I have this cancer because someone, somewhere decided that the profit they were making was worth the price of my life and that of thousands like me.”

There are people fighting against this terrible disease all over the country and world. Courtesy of the Mesothelioma Video Library, below are firsthand accounts of people directly affected by mesothelioma.


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